Geotechnical temporary works designs

Geotechnical temporary works designs are required under health and safety legislation and/or requested by clients for many construction projects, where part of the construction will only be used in the short term for access or support. We have extensive experience in the design of geotechnical temporary works for civil and ground engineering contractors. We approach temporary works designs for contractors with a practical and flexible approach, using the latest guidance documents and in-house methods to develop efficient designs which combine safety, economy, and ease of construction.

Examples of designs we have recently undertaken and certified include:

  • Access roads over peat, alluvium, and low strength glacial till
  • Piling platforms 
  • Crane working platforms
  • Temporary river diversions
  • Temporary slope stability
  • Sheet pile retaining walls

Our approach includes developing a thorough understanding of the site and loadings, carrying out the necessary calculations in accordance with the latest robust guidance, preparing easy to follow and understand drawings for the client to follow, documenting our design in clear calculation or report format, and issuing a Temporary Works Design Certificate (TWDC).

Contact us for more details and to discuss your temporary works design requirements.