Reinforced soil

Reinforced soil involves the use of polymer or metallic elements to resist tension within a soil mass; soil is generally very poor in tension. Reinforcements allows for steeper slopes, stronger subgrades, or improved stability in ground conditions which would otherwise have been unsuitable. Reinforcing elements may be added to soil to create:

  • Reinforced soil walls
  • Reinforced soil slopes
  • Reinforced roads, platforms, and tracks
  • Floating roads

We have developed specialist expertise in the design of reinforced soil roads, walls and slopes, designed using the relevant national standards and Eurocodes. In many cases, we have developed bespoke in house software to carry out designs efficiently.

Some example designs we have carried out include reinforced soil wall systems, reinforced soil slopes, floating roads over soft ground, and reinforced access roads in weaker soil where a significantly higher CBR was obtained at subformation level than would have been possible without reinforcement. Please contact us to discuss further.

 Kingscourt Reinforced Soil Wall